Newbie help!! 256gb SSD full off one folder, Fedora linux

Not sure whether this belongs here or in a linux forum but Im just in the process of upgrading my server from win 8.1 to Fedora 31 but upon syncing the first folder (as a test) my 256GB SSD is full!! I still have another 30TB volume to sync, not to mention all these volumes where synced on Windows and the SSD was barely half full. Not sure why consuming so much space? there seems to be an extra 60GB in what looks like root directory, but again, not sure if this is standard? the SSD is also encrypted so dunno if thats hogging space? Pretty new to everything linux, so please go easy on the technical stuff :smiley: The other end is a FreeNAS plugin

heres some info gathered, hopefully helpful :wink:

Your /home is full-ish. From the Syncthing screenshot we see that it’s synced 138 gigs of data there, and from the “File systems” screenshot that it’s 159 gigs large and 149 gigs used. Your 30 TB won’t fit there. You might have wanted to put your folder on one of the /mnt/… partitions.

yeh, id probably prefer that (to be stored on the arrays im syncing). is there anyway to change it now, or even have multiple locations (so the files are stored on the volume being synced) ?

You can stop Syncthing, move the files, update the config file to point at the new location, start Syncthing again. Don’t make a mistake or Syncthing will interpret the files missing as them having been deleted and propagate that. Ideally set the other side in “send only” prior for this operation.

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