newb help for setup on omv (also webGUI pass not correct)

Hello. I´m fairly new to Syncthing and omv (debian)

I managed to setup syncthing 1.9.2 on omv 2.2.14 and the syncthing webgui guided me through the setup allright. Folders on my pc and NAS are syncing fine.

The webGUI told me to secure myself with a user/pass which i did. But now i can´t login?

As I don´t know which directory the user/pass are located, i can´t delete and start over? Deleting the syncthing plugin and reinstalling on omv does not change anything…

I have also setup syncthing(0.14.43) on my windows 10 laptop and the webgui for this device works fine. Could the problem be that i´ve used the same user/pass on both webgui´s?

I think maybe i didn´t have to setup syncthing on both devices as my computer is sender and my nas is receiver, and they are both on the same local network?

I hope you understand my questions…

If Openmediavault sets up Syncthing like on a regular Linux box the configuration is in ~/.config/syncthing/config.xml for the user running it. There may be some special sauce or custom location though, I don’t know, you might want to check with the omv people. If you find the file you can remove the username and password tags from it and restart Syncthing to get in without authentication. Having the same username/password isn’t a problem, Syncthing won’t know or care about that.

Thank you very much for your answer calmh

I will continue my search for the config.xml

Reagarding my setup running syncthing on both sender and receiver device. Is it correct?

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