New user limits

User’s log post was mangled because “new users are allowed to post only one link”, had trouble following-up because “new user can mention only 2 users” and hit the new user daily post count limit. Might be worth tweaking these limits.

I wrote him a message about posting logs, which is solved by adding it as preformatted text or via pastebin or the like. So that part is not really a problem of limits.

Becoming a not-new user requires being on the site for ten minutes, reading five topics. It’s not a state that lasts very long for any given person.

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I agree with Simon. Using Pastebin instead of embedding log messages solves all those problems.

Perhaps the documentation could be improved to add something like “if you need to post a long log message, use Pastebin and embed a link here.”

That would have prevented me from running into any of these problems.


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