New user - Connecting to Android

Im sure this must have been asked already so really sorry if it has could someone possibly point me in the right direction if it has. Ive checked FAQs and searched google.

When I try to sync to my Android phone, when I go to creat folder it says “The folder path must not be empty”

What does this mean do I need to fill in the directory bit, have I not selected something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated from a new user to syncthing.

Yes, you need to fill in where you want the files to go. There are tons of guides and even youtube videos on the internet.

Thanks for your reply. Ive found lots of info on pc to pc but nothing on pc to the mobile app on android , do you have any links as youtube had nothing.

Thanks, ones in German and the other one isnt clear about the app and where to put the files, but I appreciate you trying :slight_smile:

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