New to syncthing

I am new to syncthing and I am about to install it for the first time.

I need to sync three machines. Two dual boot machines (Linux/Windows) with a shared NTFS drive that would have three folders shared, and a macOS machine also with three folders shared on the main drive.

The folders I would need to share are:

  1. ~/code/applications/mrv2 - for my own application C++ code (a viewer)
  2. ~/Movies - for movies that my application can play
  3. ~/Pictures - for picture sequences that my application can play.

I am concerned about permissions and owner issues between the Windows and Linux syncthing.

Oh yes, the ~/code/applications/mrv2 directory would also have the builds (BUILD-PLATFORM) of the project for each platform and the .git configuration, so I would like to mirror the code but not mirror the BUILD-PLATFORM directories. I am also concerned about the issues that I may run if I sync .git/ directories.

Dual boot is problematic. Ideally, you would want to have a portable-style Syncthing installation with auto-upgrade disabled that uses relative paths (with / forward slashes as they work both in Linux and Windows). This way, you will be able to run it inside both Linux and Windows and re-use the same database without worrying about incompatible versions, etc. You should be able to find more information on this type of setup if you search the forum for “dual boot”.

Also, when using NTFS in Linux, make sure to always enable “ignore permissions” in the Syncthing folder settings.

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