New to SyncThing - SyncThing Out of Sync Items

Hey Folks,

I’m a little new to SyncThing, but so far I’m loving the software/app.

I know there is a couple of posts regarding this topic and I’ve tried following them. But I still run in to the same issue. Out of Sync Items.

Little back story - I’m attempting to sync data between two Ubuntu boxes. These Ubuntu boxes are a backup of each other. One is running Plex and the other is simply a copy. The backup device is going over a site to site VPN. I have no issues connecting/seeing the box on the other side. I have recently performed a full COPY between the two boxes at one site. The data in this share does not change often. If anything, it is simple adds, nothing more.

I’ve tried, removing the share within Syncthing, removing the hidden files created in the directory. Removing SyncThing and reinstalling. The syncing restarts and always seems to stop around 89%, file listed are always different and different sizes.

I’m sorry to create another post, but I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks a ton. Kyle

image image

What does the GUI look like on Alpha-Site? It should list out of sync items in the folder view there.

Hey acolomb. Thanks for the reply… I could swear… That it didn’t say this a 2 hours ago. But now it is saying Out Of Sync. I pressed Rescan and it still saids out of sync. image image

I restarted the server and relaunched SyncThing. Its now Syncing.

Sadly after a few short minutes, it went back to being out of sync :frowning:

Click on the failed items, it will explain why they cannot sync.

Hello calmh - it appears the issue is " operation not permitted ". The entire folder has “777” applied to it. On both sides. Is there something I’m missing?

SMB works fine along with local access (without sudo or higher privs).

Thanks for your help.

Details… what is not permitted?

A large grouping of files. Over 10,000. All say operation not permitted. Files range from mp3, personal photos. The range goes on. Even a couple of webm files that I grabbed from youtube.

The SyncToy files I’m not worried about.

I was able to fix it by setting the ignore permissions option.

Thanks for the help.

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