New to syncthing and not sure I did it right

Hey this is my first time sitting down to try setting up syncthing from my android phone to my truenas. They both seem to be talking fine but only seem to send tmp files back and forth, is that normal? Do they change back afterwards or is this the sign something is wrong with it?

My current guess is it is getting the file but not having permission to rename it when done but that doesn’t make sense if it can write?

Hey, welcome.

There are plenty of getting started guides out the on the internet, suggest you check them out.

Do you have the “default” “Sync” folder configured on both ends?

You need to create a folder to sync on your pc and then tell syncthing to sync it to the phone. You should get a message on the phone asking about accepting the folder and in the Android file system you want the folder to be. Once it’s been configured on both ends they should synchronize the files that are in that folder.

each server has basically three sections one section that is the configuration section for that server, The folders section that you are synchronizing with other systems, and the devices that you are syncing with.

First you need to do the install on both systems and connect those together with the secret codes so that they are successfully connected to one another and then you can create a folder pair that you share on both ends.

No I just had to remove the send permissions check box and it all started working fine.

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