New native builders

I’ve set up two new build slaves, native-windows-amd64 and native-darwin-amd64. This means we have native compilation (not cross compilation) for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. As far as I know these are the main (annoying) ones, as cross compilation between the other Unixoids works quite well.

The Windows builder is a Windows Server 2012 R2 under KVM, currently with a 180 day trial license (I’ll do something about that sometime during the next 179 days). The Mac builder is an old MacBook Pro on 10.8.5 - older is better here as it sets the minimum system libraries required, and the default Go build is already 10.8+.

Both of these are set up to do release builds, so I intend to do the next release from those builders.

The Windows builder also builds all pull requests as Windows is different enough for some problems to show up only there.

Both boxes are on my home ADSL so the uploading of assets step is quite slow. I’m supposed to get fiber Any Year Now™ so that may get sorted out in time…


Sweet! Should we expect any difference from a user perspective?

I am running Syncthing (amd64) on both OS X and Win7.

No. The builds produced should be almost byte for byte identical with what we’ve built so far. But it makes some things simpler and enables some other stuff for the future.

I remember you requested some Boxes here and there where a few replies:

Is there any leftover for the new build server? :wink:

Mh, you can also use a Windows 10 copy with an insider activation. This is for free and the slow ring is pretty stable