new GUI suggestion: status

Cool to hear about the new GUI. After browsing recent topics on this forum I have a suggestion.

It would be good to clearly communicate what is happening right now so that when someone looks at the GUI they would understand what is happening currently.

On the local side what are we doing:

  • scanning new files
  • processing an index
  • hashing tmp files from a previous transfer
  • etc…

For each remote connection

  • disconnected last attempted xxx secs ago
  • connected exchanging information
  • connected wait on them to process xxx
  • transferring data
  • etc…

We seem to have a lot of support questions along the lines of “Why isn’t it doing anything?” and the answer is “just wait, it will”. It would be much better if the GUI could provide those reassurances.

It would also be nice if the code could identify if we are currently limited by CPU, disk, network transfers, or waiting on a remote. But I understand that is hard to really know.