new folders being created for wrong user


i am using syncthing v0.14.32, Linux (ARM) on a raspberry pi. after i set up my entire folder structure, i realized that folders always are being created for root:users rather than pi:pi as they are supposed to be.

Most folders are receive only (or rather “send only” on the other device). Let’s say I create /home/my/folder/newfolder on the machine syncing to my raspberry pi, a new folder in the likes of /home/pi/syncthing/my/folder/newfolder is being created. While /home/pi/syncthing/my/folder is still owend by pi:pi, this newly created folder (/home/pi/syncthing/my/**newfolder**) is not.

How come? Since syncthing must be creating this folder, it should either have sufficient rights to write to the folder it just created, or should have created the folder with appropriate rights on the first place.

Sorry if this is a mere user error but I cannot figure out what I could have done wrong. If it helps, when I start syncthing, I am logged in as user pi and start syncthing via screen syncthing &. This way I can keep syncthing running after closing the ssh session.

Also, files are not stored directly on the pi but rather on my NAS, which I mount upon startup via fstab…

Thanks in advance for your support :slight_smile:

Syncthing creates files as the user it’s running as. Maybe there’s some funkiness with the NFS/SMB/AFP/whatever mount to the NAS, if ownerships seem to change.

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