New folder "watch": The folder ID must be unique


I’m running Syncthing v0.10.23 on a 64bit Linux server and have the following issue:

I’m trying to create a new folder to share with other devices and I keep getting the message that I can’t use the specific ID I’m trying to use here, it says “The folder ID must be unique.”, but I can’t see why the ID I have chosen is not. The directory name does not exist anywhere on the server and I’ve already restarted Syncthing with no change. Ever other ID works, it’s just this particular one that doesn’t get accepted, but why?

By the way, the same error occurs on my laptop at home. I have not set anything up on both machines besides coupling the devices.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Adding a folder called “watch” manually in the config file works. Weird.

Can you show us your config file?

You might want to refresh the page to make sure you haven’t already got one. Perhaps there was some UI glitch.

just tested this, I don’t have a folder with ID “watch” (and never had) and I also have this error.

The config file only contains the other folders I’ve added so far. At least I’ve now been able to add a folder called “watch” by adding it manually in the config file and then restarting the UI.

Follow-up problem/bug: My laptop now shows the popup about whether I want to accept the shared folder:

However, when I click the Share button, nothing happens, the popup stays where it is. So I had to add the “watch” folder manually as well.

I reported this here:

Thanks. Could you also please report the second bug I just have posted, regarding the popup. I don’t want to create a github account just for it.

Long term suggestion: Model filesystem as a tree ADT object , with hashes of all files / folders inherited towards the root of the tree.

detailed write-up

This issue will be fixed in the v0.10.25 release.