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When I remove a folder that is shared by several devices – I instantly get popups telling me the other devises are now sharing that folder with me. I know I can then click ignore button but if I have say 20 other devises sharing that folder - that could get annoying. Is there something else I should be doing to remove a folder? It would be nice if the software automatically adds that folder to the ignore list so you don’t get the popups.

I also noticed that when I remove a folder from a devise that was an introducer – the other devises that were automatically added now popup asking to be added as a new device (even though they were already added from the introducer). So if I have a server as a introducer and 3 workstations. I then create a folder on the server and share it to the workstations – all the workstations automatically add each other as a device. This works great. If I now delete the folder from the server for some reason – all the workstations now ask each other for permission to be added as a new device with each other. I think understand why it’s doing that – would making them all introducers fix that? Is there an issue or security risk making them all introducers?

Thanks for the great software.

When you remove a folder, you should un-share the folder on the other side, so you don’t get the prompts.

Ignoring the folder when it’s removed has bad effects of hiding these popups forever, which would cause confusion to the users once someone actually wants to share the same folder again.

Making all of them introducers would make it worse, potentially making it impossible to unshare folders or remove devices, as it would be what-a-mole race of “I unshared folder F with device D, but device D2 reintroduced it back”.

The idea is that syncthing is decentralised, and that each instance is independant from each other.

What you are trying to do is to control 3 workstations from a central server, syncthing is not designed to do that, you are expected to treat each device as a pet, not as cattle.

If you want more cattle-like behaviour, there is Arigi which is commercial product, but I think it’s free for up to 5 devices or something like that, so it might make your life easier.

Ok that makes sense. I guess just a suggestion - when removing a folder from devise A it would be nice if it sent something to all other devises sharing that folder with devise A to un-share it automatically. I’m not a programmer so I really don’t know if that’s possible.

I’ll definitely take a look at Arigi - sound’s like it’s what I’m looking for.


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