New behaviour in 14.49rc4 "ignores"

Just to let you know:

Shared folder (FSwatcher enabled everywhere):

home LAN: ubuntu devA 49rc4 & devB 14.48

Friend: devC win32 14.48

Add 4 movies.avi ~350MB each in devB, sync is running.

Want to add another I don’t want in devA, so in devA I want to set movie5.avi as an ignore pattern with GUI. Ignore patterns dialog shows loading (in my locale) for a long time (this is the first time I see this, no overhead in CPU, fast machine). ESC, click edit again, still loading ??? F5, wait GUI to load and show other devices online, Edit again, go back to ignore patterns, still loading ??? Switch language to english, edit, OK, I see my 3 usual cosmetic patterns to ignore windows stuff like thumbs.db. Switch back to my language, edit==>dialog OK. Add movie5.avi pattern, Save.

Here comes the new ~fun~. I add movie5.avi (~1,5GB) in devB for my friend to get it.

Then I look at devA synching items list (one out of the 4 first was still synching) and could also see movie5.avi in this list, like if ST is showing remote matching ignores.

Have a look in devA FS : no (as expected) movie5.avi synching file. Restart ST=> no more movie5.avi in the synching items list.

Go on and thanks guys, ST is still a great piece

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