New Beautiful Web GUI

New Gui is very beautiful and gives a lot of useful info (all that you can need), but I think it’s less neat compared to old Gui, that permitted to see in only one glance all the network and nodes. I think that would be useful to give to the user the possibility to choose between detailed gui and syntetic gui. Don’t know how much work to do it (perhaps need parallel develop of two gui?). Anyhow not urgent! Very good work!

Maybe a “Expand all” and “collapse all” would be nice?

Yes, could be, but boxes can already collapse, but if collapsed only operational status is shown. It could be beautiful to have the option to switch between a more advanced info box and a syntethic one, that permits to keep an eye on everything!

Are you looking for a view with less details on everything, or more details on everything? I cant’ tell. :slight_smile: