Neverending conflict files when one device runs out of space

I started a download of the Windows 10 isos last night on my Arch PC. Looks like my Android phone ran out of space as a result.

In the folder I was downloading the isos to, I see new conflict files being created. I mention my Android running out of space as a possible reason but I am not really sure of the cause. I have shut down syncthing on my phone for now to see if this continues.

I suspect this may be an android bug (what version of Syncthing are you running there?) combined with the crdownload file continuously changing.

The Syncthing version on Android is 0.11.9.

I just deleted 24GB of those extra crdownload files on my phone. So it must have been making these duplicates before it ran out of space as the isos are only 3-4GB in size and would not have filled up the phones space on their own.

I would guess that the “virtual modification time” stuff in

isn’t kicking in as it should. Perhaps your Android is doing something new, like not returning an error when we try to set the modification time, but also not setting the modification time. That would case this.