Network folders pairing

image Dear people,

After a long search on the internet I came across this wonderful software I tested and tried it works beautifully. Now I want to apply it for the next platform but I keep getting an error. The situation consists of two different locations with two standelone computers and two network drives problem is when I try to mount a folder from the network drive I get an error. It seems as if the folder location indicated by the software is not recognized or not, would you be so kind to help me troubleshoot the pairing of those two network hard drives. In the photo you can see the folder location and the error message: The maximum number of network BIOS commands has been reached.

Thanks in advance

What you are trying to do will not work. You can’t just point syncthing at a remote network address like that, you’ll have to either run syncthing on the device that has the storage, or mount it and make it available like a normal local drive. Even then, I am not sure it will work, because we rely on various features that are only available for local storage, for example file watching. Sure, you can setup periodic scans, but I suspect the experience will be worse than what you expect.

Hartelijk dank voor je snelle reactie, jammer dat het niet kan maar ik ga proberen de externe harde schijven te mounten. in de hoop van dat het toch goed komt. :+1:

Sorry, but I have no idea what you are saying. This is an English speaking forum and I am not Dutch.

Thank you for your quick response, too bad it can’t but I’m going to try mounting the external hard drives. in the hope that it will be alright: +1:


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