NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID when Web GUI has been opened for some time

I have always had this problem with the Web GUI after it has been opened in the browser (Chromium) for a while.

Basically, on the first sight, the GUI looks normal, but if you look closely, everything is actually stalled.

However, upon trying to refresh the site, I get this error.

I can still open the GUI by clicking on the “Advanced” button and then “Proceed to the site”, but the real problem is that this error does not pop up until the browser tab has been manually refreshecd. Otherwise, the GUI looks as if it was working, while in reality it is not updating at all.

Is there any way to fix or work around the issue? I do have Use HTTPS for GUI enabled in Syncthing. This seems to happen regardless of the Syncthing configuration, usually after the GUI has stayed open in the browser for a few hours.

Fwiw, I’ve never had this happen. I’d expect a connection error in the gui if the browser suddenly considers the certificate invalid, though.

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Hmm, I hope this is not something happening in my system only :thinking:.

I have a special browser instance to use for administrative tasks, etc. which includes Syncthing, and what I often do is to open it, log in to the Syncthing’s Web GUI on multiple devices, and then leave it open in background.

Usually everything works fine, but at least every few days I get the error described here. The only way to know that something is wrong is to refresh the tab though. The GUI itself does not show any errors before doing so.

The browser is using the default configuration, i.e. no extensions or anything else. I have not done any testing using other browsers than Chromium yet.

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