Nested Subfolders Question


I’ve got a nested subfolder scenario I’m hoping I could get some feedback on.

There are 4 devices: PC1, PC2, Nas, Phone

D:\AppData is synced PC1<->PC2<->NAS. It never changes on the NAS (and I avoid conflicts by just not switching PCs until it has sufficient time to sync

D:\AppData\Subfolder is a subfolder that I’d like to sync to the phone. It should be syncable from any of the 3 other devices.

The “simplest” way to do this would be to just add the whole AppData folder to the phone as “Receive Only,” & set an ignore pattern to limit it to the subfolder - but I’d really like to avoid this, as I don’t want the phone (which could be lost/stolen) to be in any way connected to the broader AppData, outside of Subfolder.

So my plan was to have an “inner” subfolder share:

  • On the phone, it’s “Receive Only”, connected to all 3 other devices
  • On the NAS, it’s Send<->Receive, connected to all 3 other devices. However, it’s stored in a different location (i.e. outside of AppData on the NAS - so from the NAS’s perspective, it’s a fully separate, non-nested share)
  • On each PC, it’s “Send Only”, shared with the NAS and phone only.

So each PC can push to the NAS or to the phone, the NAS can push to the phone, and the PCs sync to each other only by virtue of the main AppData profile. Does that seem like a reasonable setup that will avoid any conflicts (assuming, of course, I only write the data from one PC at a time)?

…Actually nope, looks like doesn’t seem to work - I get “Out Of Sync” issues on the 2 PC’s Send Only profiles.

This is actually the 3rd layout I’ve tried, always end up with either conflicts or something saying “Out of Sync.” Any help with how I could accomplish this would be appreciated (without needing to move subfolder out of AppData, or approve the phone for the whole AppData folder)

Thanks again

Actually nevermind again, I think I got a solution :slight_smile:

  • AppData profile ignores Subfolder entirely
  • PC1, PC2, NAS are Send+Receive for Subfolder
  • Phone is Receive Only for Subfolder

Why didn’t I think of that originally? haha

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