Negative completion progress value?

Today I noticed a FolderCompletion event with a negative completion value which I find weird.


The remote device in this case does not sync the folder, but is mentioned in the config of the device on which the event got triggered as one of the devices which share the folder. This is due to an error in my setup script and I am working to fix that.

It is still weird to receive a negative completion progress. I guess this is due to the case that for some reason the neededBytes are more than the globalBytes for some reason. I just wanted to show this weird behavior to you in case it could present an unwanted behavior.

Negative completion happenns when a file which we are downloading gets deleted before we finish downloading it. The UI works around it by rounding it etc.

Still a bug of sorts, and funnily one that’s been with us for ages despite several attempts to fix it. :slight_smile:

It causes no problem on my side. It was just a bit peculiar and I thought I mention it, before its just a symptom of an underlying problem.

This should not be happening in this case since the folder is not shared on the remote device.

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