need to make client side all thing default


is it possible to make all client related thing need to done automatic without any click by cleint.

like when we add deveice id of client at server side, seems pop up at client side for accept something, and then when when we share folder from server side also seems one pop up for that folder,

we need to make all this accept request automatic and make all folder saved on one default path which we set anywhere?

please let us know how can we done this ASAP.

thanks. Regards, SACHIN

You can let the client accept new devices automatically by setting the server as an introducer on the client. Accepting new folders automatically is not possible, but you can do it via the API if you like.

by setting the server as an introducer on the client > but if we set all client as introducer that means all files of all clients is seems on all other client right? how can we restrict folder for random client ?

but you can do it via the API if you like >
yes whatever way but we need to implement that.

we also not want many time server accept request, we just want to one time server device accept request at client side, which we want to make auto accept.

You don’t set the clients as introducers. On the client, you add the server. When you do that you check the “introducer” checkbox. Accept the new device on the server, manually. The server will tell all other clients about the new client.

ok, at server side if we need to accept client request that is also same like accept server request at client side, we need to make it automatic, because suppose many clients want to connect to server that is also complicated to accept that much request at server side.

actually we want this scenario. because of clients is not ok with this much accept request everytime for every folder, and also confuse about device request id request and folder path.

  1. we make all things automatic at client side, anyhow maybe using backend.
  2. client doesn’t need to any one click, after install Syncthing.
  3. also want to make one default master folder at client side.
  4. so after that whatever folder is shared from server side with particular client that folder automatically added on that created master project only without any click for accept pop up.

Then you need something to manage Syncthing instances as this doesn’t work the way you want out of the box. As it happens we (my company) are writing such a thing and I’ll be delighted to invite you to the beta in a couple of weeks. Alternatively you need to do some integration on your own.

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ok, no problem. but please let us know if any implementation regarding this is done. and if you also thinking to implement this features, then hope you will done ASAP. thanks.

can you please suggest related api which i used for this. thanks.

You use the config POST to add folders / devices.

ok thanks

can you please give me example for auto accept folder at client side api ? i not able to get how can i use api and which api to accept folder.