Need to increase storage on synology NAS - undo SHR raid

I have a very elaborate setup of syncthing setup on a Synology NAS. (About 20 folders, about 20 remote devices, each folder and device has a certain mix of the others, about 300,000 sync items,about 4TB)

I obviously dont want to have to start over.

When i did initial setup of the 2 bay synology, i chose SHR (their default drive config) because it told me adding drives later would be automatic. What i failed to realize is when it add this way, it only adds it as a mirror, it will never increase storage size. They have a way to convert to raid, but no option to undo.

Im hoping for guidance to undo the raid, either by adding a second drive to the box and migrating to new storage pool, or copying everything off to a remote drive and putting data and config back.

Any ideas?

As far as SHR, RAID etc. are concerned, you are in the wrong place here, the appropriate forum for Synology NAS is e.g.

With regard to Syncthing, this is the right place. Therefore, first the question of which package you have installed and if that is known, is there a path to it, e.g.


which then contains all the information on the configuration that you have already mentioned. The complete content is to save as backup and, for example, restored to a new installation and the setup runs as before.

Now to the Synology SHR. The SHR is basically nothing more than a “variable” RAID that allows you to combine HDDs of different sizes to achieve the highest possible capacity. If you use the RAID for this, the smallest HDD determines the capacity yield. In a NAS with HDDs of the same size, SHR is therefore not necessary, RAID is the right choice. Basically, once SHR has been set up, it is no longer a hindrance, so switching to RAID has no advantages as far as I know. In this respect, you can leave it as it is.

There is another circumstance. If you delete a RAID or SHR, this is the same as deleting the storage pool. All data would be gone. If you have enough free storage outside the DS, it needs o transfer all the data in order to be able to reconfigure the HDDs on the DS.

But basically, the current constellation is better, because if one of the HDDs fails, you have the mirrored HDD and do not lose any data. Only to change the defective HDD is needed. Consider a HDD damage can always happen. In this respect, I hope you also make regular full backups just in case.

I do plan to seek help with the synology forum for drive and pool setup, just wanted to know what i needed for syncthing in case i had to nuke it.

The synology nas has only a single drive now. I do not want or need raid. All the data is on other devices. (Other nas devices and windows PC’s)

Main concern now is to increase capacity of this device. As it is, the capacity will never increase as it only has two bays and will always be limited to the size of the current.

As for syncthing, am i correct that copying data folder and configuration folder for restoring should sufice? I fugure i need to make sure location mapping is the same if i recreate the pool from scratch. Correct?

If you restore your files to their original place, and the syncthing config and database likewise, you’ll be fine.

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