need help with ignore patterns


i am using syncthing on my mac in order to sync with a synology discstation and (certain folders) my smartphone. since i am syncing my entire home folder /home/me, i need to ignore certain folders that do not need to be synced.

i definitely do not want to sync the /Library and /Applications folder as well as most .* folders; however, I do want to sync my .ssh folder. Currently, that folders ignore pattern looks like this:

!.ssh ./ Applications/ Icon? Library/* Desktop/* Downloads/nsync .DS_Store

i meant to tell it that I do want to sync .ssh, but not any other .something folders. i do not want to sync the Applications folder nor its subfolders, same for Library and Desktop. The Downloads/nsync folder is not 90s music related :wink: but rather that download folder for files I either only intend to use on my macbook or to delete shortly after using (unpacking, moving, …) them anyway.

however, when i ls -la my /home/syncthing/me/macbook/ folder on my raspberry pi (which mounts the synology for syncing with it), it shows that all .something folders have been synced as well as Library, Downloads, Desktop, …

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help =)

Your ending slashes and stars probably don’t do what you mean them to.

Library/* will match everything underneath Library but not the directory itself. I think the ending slash in .*/ has the same effect - the dot directories will get synced, but not their contents.

Just say Library and .* to ignore those things and everything below them.

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Thank you. This does not seem to work, though. I still have the Library, Desktop etc. folders on my remote machine. Do I need to copy the list into .stignore as well? So far I’ve only entered these values through the web interface.

The web interface modifies that specific file. The fact that you’ve ignored them is not going to remove them, so you’ll have to remove the folder on the end you do not want to see it or rebuild the folder (remove, get new id, readd on both sides), or if you do not feel brave enough.

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