NEED HELP: Syncthing regularly stops running on Synology DS120j

Basic Info:

  • Syncthing: v1.23.1, Linux (64-bit ARM) “Fermium Flea”
  • Synology NAS: DS120j version: DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 3

I have set up 6 folders and connected 6 devices on Syncthing. An e-mail will send to my account when DSM occurs an error.

The problem is:

From Dec. 2022, I have received amount of email that says SYSTEM: [syncthing] stopped running because the system is out of memory. The frequency is about once a few days.

I know Syncthing will restart itself and normally I don’t need to worry about my files, but the errors are annoying, and I can’t be sure if the crash of Syncthing will broke my files actually.

What can I do to fix this problem??

Is it Syncthing which is snooping up a significant amount of memory or is Syncthing just a victim of application terminations due to critically low memory available?

That all is quite relative. From my point of view, nothing can be done about Syncthing. For me, the problem clearly lies with the DS.

You have to consider that a DS120j has DDR3 512 MB RAM, which is not much when you also consider that DSM 7 also has to deal with it and consumes more resources than DSM 6, at least that is my experience.

Furthermore, 6 folders do not read very much, the question is how many elements are contained in them, i.e. folders and files each. In my experience, each element takes up about 0.8-1 kB of RAM, because Syncthing has to manage all these elements continuously.

If we take this aspects into account, the solution could be to remove elements or to install more RAM, if this is possible with this type of DS, or to use a DS with more resources. Unfortunately, the fact is that the DS120j is not strong.


I checked the performance meter, but actually there was about 40%~50% free memory space. So, I don’t know what cause this error.

Thanks for your reply.

The reason for many similar cases I searched is that DSM7 may keep more memory than DSM6. I’ll try to reduce some synced folders and files to see if it still reports errors.

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