Need Help setting up the folders on my android tablet

I have set up Syncthing app on both my PC and my tablet (Amazon Fire Max 11). I have set up and connected the folders I want to sync on my computer and have connected the computer to the tablet. But I have no idea how to set up syncthing on the tablet for the folders I want to sync the ones from my PC to. I just discovered an alert on the tablet saying my computer wants to share the folders I have, but when I click on the alert it takes me to the “create folder” section and I try to save but it says it needs the correct folder path. I created the folder in the Downloads folder because that was the only place that it would allow me to create folders at. But I have no idea how to get the file path of the folders, and I have no idea what section to put the file path in on that “create folder” section in Syncthing.