Need help, nodes don't connect

Ok so I think I did something wrong and that’s why it’s not working so I’m asking for some help with it.

I installed the app on both of my computer to sync them (one Windows 7 with the last version of Syncthing and on with opensuse and the last version available on the repo so 10.11) At first I had this error message on my computer with opensuse: Global UDP discovery (udp4:// lookup no such host; trying again in 1m0s

But after changing the settings of my firewall it was ok, the global search is working as well as the GUI but the 2 nodes don’t connect to each other and don’t sync

So can anyone help me or has any idea why it’s not working ?

Are they both behind a NAT? Are any of them available directly on the internet? Does either of them manage to get UPnP mapping?

Yes, I’m using both of them on the same network. What do you mean by directly available on the internet ? With the web GUI ? By connecting on it from another computer ? If the UPnP mapping is the announce server, it’s saying ok so I think so. If it’s something else I don’t know. But UPnP is enabled on my NAT.

I don’t have a lot of technical knowledge about all that and I’m not a native English speaker so it’s kind of hard ^^

If they are on the same network, make sure that local discovery is turned on. Directly available on the internet = not behind a NAT (not behind a router, and has a publicly available IP). UPnP is not the announce server, UPnP is a protocol which is used to set up port forwarding on the router.

The console prints some logs as syncthing is running, you can start by pasting the logs from both machines here, and pasting your local IPs.

It’s on on both device Ok I didn’t know that I’m still having this error message: Global UDP discovery (udp4:// lookup no such host; trying again in 1m0s

Here’s the first one: [CRDFL] 16:36:18 INFO: syncthing v0.10.14 (go1.4 windows-amd64 default) unknown-user@syncthing-builder 2014-12-29 08:42:17 UTC [CRDFL] 16:36:18 INFO: My ID: CRDFL23-AWHJ2S7-4OF2VQ7-4YGYIBT-ZN6JF63-KWXAKHM-AK6JTRF-CZPR3QO [CRDFL] 16:36:18 INFO: Starting web GUI on [CRDFL] 16:36:18 INFO: Starting UPnP discovery… [CRDFL] 16:36:24 INFO: UPnP discovery complete (found 1 device). [CRDFL] 16:36:24 INFO: Created UPnP port mapping for external port 28804 on UPnP device ‘Freebox ADSL’ ( [CRDFL] 16:36:24 INFO: Starting local discovery announcements [CRDFL] 16:36:24 INFO: Local discovery over IPv6 unavailable [CRDFL] 16:36:24 INFO: Starting global discovery announcements [CRDFL] 16:36:24 OK: Ready to synchronize Cours (read-write) [CRDFL] 16:36:24 INFO: Device CRDFL23-AWHJ2S7-4OF2VQ7-4YGYIBT-ZN6JF63-KWXAKHM-AK6JTRF-CZPR3QO is “Pc fixe” at [dynamic] [CRDFL] 16:36:24 INFO: Device XR3QTO5-MW2GQOG-DZYHXNW-ZHUC5QN-PIQSEBA-HRXJJWH-KWMTGPE-6GPOYQ6 is “Pc portable” at [dynamic] [CRDFL] 16:36:25 INFO: Completed initial scan (rw) of folder Cours