need advice on how to solve conflict issue

so im using this notetaking app obsidian and sync using syncthing. my devices are windows and android. windows using the official syncthing one and android using syncthing in termux.
when i edit notes in my windows while both syncthing application(windows and android) are open it creates conflict files. just an fyi i dont update anything on my phone while im updating the files on windows.

heres how obsidian works it auto saves notes every key you type in. is this the issue. is there issue in regards to syncthing opened on both device while im editing?

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Indeed Obsidian seems to do something Syncthing doesn’t like, or Syncthing does something Obsidian doesn’t like. I don’t know the details, but scenario/problem comes up now and then.

Having Syncthing running on both sides simultaneously is not a problem, rather the opposite: it’s required for it to be able to sync files at all.

what do you mean having both sides simultaneously isnt a problem ? do you mean while im working n my notes or just when synching no editing happening. can yu make it more detail

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