NAT-PMP support

NAT-PMP allows a computer in a private network to automatically configure the router to forward ports to it.

Contrary to UPnP, NAT-PMP focuses only on NAT-traversal, and does not try to reinvent the wheel implementing a pile of different feature in a single protocol spec.

Many router/networks support only NAT-PMP and not UPnP, so it’s implementatation would help Syncthing work on those environments.

Should this be debated/do we need to discuss this further, or should this have been a github feature request?


There’s no debate needed here as far as I’m concerned - it should be supported. Compared to the grisly monstrosity that is UPnP, NAT-PMP is a small, easy and nifty protocol too.

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That’s mostly because UPnP tries to be natpmp+zeroconf+bonjour+aBunchOfOtherStuff all in one huge blob. :wink:

Should I open a github ticket for this?

Yeah but still, HTTP over multicast UDP… :grimacing:

Yeah, please do open an issue.

To be precise, what you really want is PCP support. PCP is the protocol version #2, NAT-PMP #0. Something like GitHub - libpcp/pcp: PCP client library enables PCP support fairly easily (and it should also work for NAT-PMP). If I knew Go, I would probably do this myself.

Disclaimer: I have contributed patch or two to that library :slight_smile:

Huh, interesting. I was unaware of PCP. Looks like my router’s NATPMP daemon also support PCP, which is nice to know. Also, PCP support NAT64, which is what I run on several networks. :slight_smile:

I do like the fact that PCP is actually an IETF Standard too. Plus, that lib support both NATPMP and PCP, so that’s an additional plus to using it.

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