NAS4Free upgrade program version problem

I see the document know that syncthing has an upgrade function. But I didn’t find updates and functions on WEBUI. Can’t you upgrade directly to general WEBUI?

The is no “search for upgrades” button. It will check automatically and present a button, or (depending on the setting) will upgrade and restart automatically.

How did you install Syncthing on your NAS4Free? If the person who packaged it disabled auto upgrades, you will have to replace the Syncthing binary manually.

Thank you for answering. NAS4Free is based on FreeBSD OS. When the installation is finished, you have syncthing components. I’ve never seen any words or functional hints about upgrades in my settings.

On the right side in the settings above the usage reporting should be a setting to enable auto upgrades. As it’s not there on your version, auto upgrades are disabled by ENV var or by compile option.

So you have to manually replace the syncthing binary with this one:

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There seems to be a default bundled syncthing that cannot be updated and an extension that can, see this:

In general it is a good idea to seek support with the provider of your Syncthing installation, as they might have information that is specific to their environment that nobody knows about here.

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Thank you. It should be banned. It seems that NAS4Free officials want to force users to upgrade the operating system through this method.

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