NAS Synology and Syncthing - Syncthing not starting

I have a NAS Synology DS715 and Syncthing 0.12.8-7 installed. My issue may relate to the above comments.

I start Syncthing (run syncthing via the package center, but it stops straight away. The only logs I have found are following. Any idea?

2016/03/04 06:33:37 start syncthing: begin to start version 0.12.8-7 2016/03/04 06:33:37 start syncthing: start version 0.12.8-7 successfully, result 0

Mar 4 06:33:42 DiskStation php: Failed to delete keys [F3ECC2A519CA01C85D04EDA6D0C2F18694A0B88E]. Mar 4 06:33:42 DiskStation php: DeleteOtherKeyServer failed.

These logs have nothing todo with syncthing

How can I find the logs? I did not find any. Syncthing on the NAS Synology DS715 when pressing activate/start doea not start.

We usually log to stdout, you should check with whoever packaged it for your distribution/OS where the log goes.

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