Nas + Raspberry Combo


Hi I have a Nas and a Raspberry Pi. Syncthing running on both. I want to config the Raspberry Pi as a Cache for the Nas. If the Nas is off(at night and when nobody is home, energy saving) then the raspberry pi should receive the upcoming files. And when when the Nas is on again then it should sync all files. — i am at this point at the moment — is it posible to config the pi to delete the files after it synced files to the nas ?

maybe a exotic usage of syncthing but i hope for suggestions

(Audrius Butkevicius) #2

No, sadly there is no way to achieve that.

(Vincent Ardern) #3

Not using Syncthing no, but maybe using another technology like rsync or multiple folders on the RPi to make it a two step process?


multiple folders on the pi? tell me more

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