Name and password

After installing Syncthing v1.23.0, edge browser opens and asks for username and password. The name is probably: “syncthing”, but where can I get the password… ??? Please help me. Well thank you.

Well, there actually shouldn’t be any username or password set on the first run. Are you use this is your very first Syncthing installation? By any chance, if you’ve installed Syncthing in the past and then got rid of it, the old config may still be around.

However, if you don’t care about that and just want to set the software up from scratch, then I’d suggest to simply go to the config folder as explained in and simply remove it completely. The next time you start Syncthing, a completely new config will be created instead.

I’m not very PC-savvy, but I can’t find the Syncthing folder to delete. Please navigate to where it is. Yes - I used to have Syncthing installed - so that’s probably why.

Basically, make sure Syncthing has been shut down first, then copy %LOCALAPPDATA%\Syncthing and paste it into the address bar in Windows Explorer, then press Enter. Once the path opens, remove everything inside it. At this point, if you start Syncthing, it should generate a new config with no username and password set.

Yes - the problem was the previous installation. I removed all the leftovers and now Syncthing is running as it should. Well thank you.