My local instance says it’s out of sync, but has matching files as remote.

My local instance says it’s out of sync. image

The remote instance shows it’s in sync in the folder. image

But my local instance shows a Global State with 14 files and a Local State with 6 files. The remote instance shows the correct information, the local instance of SyncTrayzor shows incorrect data. In the actual local folder. How can I correct this so that my local instance shows the correct sync state and number of files?

Something looks very wrong here. Can you upload full screenshots of the Web GUI from both sides? You can obfuscate folder names and other potentially private information like that, but please keep everything else visible.

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Full screen as requested

Remote Instance

Local Client

In remote seedbox image

In local destination

Update syncthing on the system that’s still running v1.11.1.

Any suggestions on how to do that in a seedbox? This version is the default version as a plug-in add-on other than emailing the seedbox provider, which I’ve already done.

Also, assuming the update is all that is needed great, but if that is not the case, are there any troubleshooting steps to go through while I wait for the provider to respond?

Finding root causes on outdated devices isn’t really worth it. So I’d just remove and readd the affected folder to reset everything.

So each time I remove the affected folder on both remote and local and readd them, the global and local file count goes up. And also not entirely sure where or how to reset the GB sync value of 4.29 GB.

Because the sync involves Synology, I’d assume this is related to not ticking “ignore permissions” in the Advanced tab in the folder settings. Ticking “ignore permissions” for all folders is basically required on those devices, as they use a non-standard permission system.

Ignore permissions added and I readded the folder and it still shows syncing 4.29 GB

It’s difficult to say what the problem is about. At this point, the first step should really be to update Syncthing on the NAS before spending more time on troubleshooting. You could try doing --reset-deltas or even --reset-database (see and see whether they make any difference. Please make sure to have a full backup of the data before proceeding with any experimentations like that though.

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