My ID has changed

I installed syncthing yesterday on my Ubuntu laptop. I synced 300 GB and everything went fin

This am I had to reboot my Laptop, something went wrong ( system GUI freezed)

After rebooting, my syncthing ID had changed ! THe 300 GB has been sync properly but my ID is not the same so my sync with my Desktop and Android phone are not there anymore

I see no devices in the Web interface, but on the Desktop and Phone, I still see my Laptop but with yesterday ID…

Can I fix that ? Or I need to start over the sync ?

Are you sure that syncthing is running with the same user? e.g system service vs user service

I will try to find out.

If 2 Machine has the exact same folders, can we put them in sync and specify to only sync future files ? (new and modified ones)

I am not sure how I will find out, but what I am usre is that I am logging to the Ubuntu station with the same user…

wow !!! using the web interface I Shutdown Syncthing and using an Ubuntu App I installed Start syncthing, I started syncthing and everything is ok !!!

So during my installation, I must have installe to difference syncthing service or something like that…

How have you installed Syncthing in the first place? Normally, the recommended way is to either use the binary version from the official website, or alternatively follow the instructions listed at

I’m mentioning this, because a) it sounds like something is wrong with your current installation, and b) the versions of Syncthing served by Debian/Ubuntu are heavily outdated and may not play nicely with the newer ones (e.g. like those used in Android, which you’ve also mentioned above). Many bugs have also been fixed since then.

I use Ubuntu Budgie STORE installer

I will uninstall everything…

Can I keep my .config syncthing files or pem files ?

Sure, just make a copy somewhere before uninstalling the current version. Then, once you’ve installed the official release, just copy and paste the files into the newly created Syncthing home folder. Do this while Syncthing is not running.

For the record, you only need the pem files and config.xml. Theoretically, it may be possible to re-use the database (i.e. the index-v0.14.0.db folder), but I would be cautious, especially if your current version is very old.

Not quite sure what this is. If it has something to do with the “Snap” packaging, that might explain the different configurations. Apps installed via snap usually have a separate home directory from what “regular” apps use to store their configuration.

I was used to debian and no Snap… You are right, I ended up with a Snap syncthing folder…

TKs !! I should be ok now

I copied the whole folder. Uninstalled it and reinstalled it and took the chance to copy back the config folder / syncthing folder. Started the service and all my config and index etc etc was there Up and running !

TKs !!!

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