Music Synced onto Phone Not Picked Up by Android

When I add new music to my library, which is Synced onto my phone using Syncthing, Android’s media indexer doesn’t pick up the new music for quite a while (or until I reboot or open each media file in the Files app). My phone is running the CalyxOS Android ROM, so I’m not 100% sure if this is a Syncthing issue. I also asked about this on the CalyxOS gitlab but didn’t get anywhere. So I’m hoping y’all might have some guidance for me.

If someone can suggest some debugging steps I’d be happy to try them.

It’s not a bug in either Syncthing or the Android media indexer in CalyxOS…

For various reasons it’s fairly common for media players, ebook book readers, and so on, to only immediately index media content that was added via their apps.

Some media players offer an auto rescan option, e.g. VLC / VideoLAN Client:

My media player doesn’t have an option like that. Is there a way to force the Android media index to index my new music externally from my music player app? (Like with VLC)

Not that I’m aware of. I’m assuming that you’re having Syncthing sync new music files to the default Android Music directory instead of a custom one?

Correct. After some further looking, it seems my music app actually does have a way to manually initiate a rescan, it was just not obvious.

Thanks for all the help though.

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