Multiple Users (Mac OS X)

I’m trying to use the same instance of SyncThing among 2 users on OS X.

  • I’ve downloaded v0.10.24
  • I’m using syncthing.plist to autostart under the user “David”, which is an Admin account.
  • I have another user, which is a standard user “Lindsay.”

When I log in as Lindsay, SyncThing is running (maybe because David is already logged in…), and I can see it in the web GUI, but when trying to add a folder from a remote device I get permission errors. SyncThing can not create .stversions

Is there a correct way to run SyncThing for multiple users?

Each user should run their own instance.

Do you know how I would go about that? If not, I’ll be googling tonight.

I tried to create ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ (home location for each user) but Finder complained that" Library" already existed. I looked with ls -la but did not see one. I assumed it meant the one at the system level Macintosh HD/Library/... – no idea what was up.

Also, if two users are logged in, and launching SyncThing, wouldn’t that cause conflicts with 2 instances running?

Yeah I guess you’d either have to log one user off OR set them up on different ports.

Don’t quote me on that though as I’m not a Mac user myself but have installed it on a Mac for one user.

Different ports is a good idea; I’ll try that next.

Tonight I tried installing it at the user level for each, but whichever user logged in first owned the instance, because it was started the copy in their home directory ( the other user didn’t have permission to do anything ).

I’ll keep tinkering and maybe come up with something soon.

daevski - I’m trying to set things up for multiple users on a mac and have the same permissions issue you noted. Have you figured out what it takes to let both users run syncthing without permissions issues? Do you mind sharing? Thanks!

I stopped trying to get this to work. My attempts were just experimental and I have a separate backup solution now. Sorry, I can not help. I never got it to work.

I, too, have a multiple user problem. Many users, one research instrument. I want to synchronize the data directory (with 1 directory/user, possibly deeply nested subdirs) with a backup/offline processing machine. I understand that this is not the designed use, but can it be made to work?

Sure, as a user that has read access to all the files. But user/group ownership won’t be preserved to the other side.

Yes, I understand that user/group ownership won’t be preserved. The target machine for the sync is running a general account anyway, so real ownership of files was never preserved. I planned to make the instrument computer a “master”, so that changes/deletions made elsewhere were not synced back.

If I create a regular user with special permissions to read/traverse the data folder directory tree, will that be sufficient? And then start the syncthing process as that user at boot time?

Thanks for your help!

It sounds like it would, in that case, just be a regular two-device setup with a single folder to sync so I don’t see why not.