Multiple Sources to One Master

I have numerous installs of SyncTrazor all sending their data to one master reposoitory. All is working as they are using the public servers. However, to speed things up, I would like to have them just talk directly to the master server.

The scenario is that all the devices are on one network and the master repository is on another network. So we have firewalls to deal with.

I am forwarding the ports on the master repository network to the correct ip. But, how would this work for all the devices that are on a different network behind a firewall? Would they all need their own dedicated port #? If so, would that mean that on my master repository, i would need to run one instance per device (I have 20+ going so far).

Pardon my ignorance and hoping someone could offer me some advice.

No, you only have to configure the port forwarding once in the firewall of your master server. Syncthing can serve multiple clients on the same port. Ideally you should configure forwardings for 22000/tcp and 22000/udp.

It’s also not a hard requirement to run multiple instances if you don’t need to completely isolate the data. e.g you can configure all your family member shares on your master and sync folders only to selected devices.

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