Multiple repositories on same computer

I’m trying to have syncthing copy a folder c:\neard ( my LAMP STACK ) to 2 other drives. f:\ and t:\neard. I changed the default folder location which it sees just fine, but I can’t seem to figure out how to tell it to send the c:\neard data to the other 2 drives. I also have 3 photography folders that I want to mirror onto t:\photography. How can I make this happen?

Syncthing is a remote syncing tool, you cannot use on the same pc (unless you run multiple instances of it).

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But since you already have the file replication-code for identical files in different shared folders or when moving/renaming i can imagine it to be fairly easy to add this option:

Simply add the option to specify additional locations for any shared folder. A simple “ADD” button and keeping a list of locations.

Internally just sync them as you already do with all other folders.

I think this feature would be great!

I have seen this feature request many times already and also wanted it myself.

Also good would be if it would be possible to specify the location for the index to be on a specific drive.

This way one could locally make a complete sync of all files and then move one drive to another remote place and connect via the network.

Or just keep them running in parallel (similar to a raid) but without so much extra effort.

Is it possible to add this feature?

Everything around folders, asking for data, sending data, exchanging indexes etc works by using a connection, which doesn’t make sense in a local context.

It’s easy to declare things as being easy without much understanding. If you want to implement it, be my guest.

There are tools that already solve the local machine issue, such as unison, csync etc.

The need is a resource light “mirror”… I supposed I could use the new windows 10 feature, space or something like that. I had a major HD crash a few months ago and almost lost 17yrs of files including ALL my development work… This can’t EVER happen again, ergo the double backup.

Well what if your house burns down, your 3 backups on the same PC will also burn down.

True, but I’ve got Google Drive capturing my dev and amazon drive capturing all the personal files and photography. Probably serious overkill LOL

I can understand the OP’s point - that’s what Crashplan can do (e.g. synch to a (cloud) computer) or three, and at the same time to multiple local disks, e.g. USB disks). That local backup has turned out to be very useful. But it’s also completely understandable that it would collide with the internal architecture of syncthing. As Crashplan for some reason won’t install properly anymore on my wife’s newest PC I can use a combo of syncthing + another disk-synching tool to achieve basically the same functionality. That’s good enough for me.

Crashplan is a backup toll. Syncthing is a sync tool.

Backing up to external drives in addition to the cloud makes sense, but syncing files you already have on your PC to two other locations on the same PC doesn’t make as much sense.

Try it in practice before you abandon it so easily… it is useful. At least when the copy is on a removable drive. In any case, a sync tool can easily be used as a backup tool, while a backup tool can’t easily serve as a sync tool.

What I’ve done (to emulate Crashplan) is to have one receiver set up to stack versions, with no limit on versions. This gives me Crashplan backup functionality, with time line and not deleting anything. I have a working setup and it does exactly what I want (and what Crashplan does).

In any case, as for the suggested feature, there’s not really any point discussing that when the internal design doesn’t accomodate for such a change. As for myself I’m covered because I can layer on other tools to achieve what I want.

There are many things that are useful that Syncthing does not do. I do backups using Syncthing, rsync and time machine, for different purposes and scenarios. It is not the purpose of Syncthing to be good at all things.

Thats exactly it… I moved the LAMP stack to the SSD and need to have it RTS to the thumbdrive so when I need to go mobile I grab & go and simply plug it into my laptop when I get where I’m going. Then ALSO backup to the 1tb Passport drive which is being used to backup EVERYTHING…

That’s fine. Syncthing is not the appropriate software for what I need. np.

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