Multiple Folders Best Practices

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Which is best in terms of performance

Total of eight computers that are always on

Folder A Minor changes throughout the day.

Folder B Minor changes throughout the day.

Folder C Rarely changes, large, mainly audio files.

Folder D Rarely changes, random data.

Folder E Photos, about 300 files added each night from each server.

Folder F Videos, very rarely changes.

Is it better to create separate shares for each of these files separately, or make one folder with these folders inside and share that?

I was using resilio but they have been blocked by the Chinese govt and are being fairly unhelpful.

Originally I had these as one share, but because these computers are in a kindergarten and we have massive touchscreen whiteboards, sometimes kids accidently drag and drop entire folders into other folders. I’ve solved this 90% of this by increasing the distance required in windows to drag something but it still occasionally happens. When it happens, it can cause massive slow downs across all our computers when a folder has a lot of small files inside it (educational software seems to always have masses of tiny files). When I had all these folders in the same share, it could take out all sync operations for a week while it got back together. We are on separate networks so it just takes time… When I have them on resilio sync as separate shares, it’s still slow, but it doesn’t prevent syncing in other folders and we can carry on as if almost normal.

so… whats the best way to do this with syncthing… would these two setups even result in any sort of difference?



I don’t think it will have much affect. The only thing that could be beneficial while being split up is the fact that you can have different options per folder (scan interval etc).

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