Multiple folders and multipled devices

Forgive my dumb question, but in my ignorance I suspect I may have been making life too complicated.

The aim is to have 3 Raspberry Pi configurations, each at a separate site. Each will have a USB HDD partitioned into two. One of these will be accessed via a SAMBA server to act as the local repository, with the other acting as an off-site mirror for one of the other two, using syncthing.

So device 1 will hold folders A and B, whilst being aware of devices 2 and 3 as well; and device 2 will hold folders B and C, whilst being aware of devices 1 and 3 as well;; and device 3 will hold folders C and A, whilst being aware of devices 1 and 2 as well;.

I have begun to tie myself in knots with multiple users and instances, and can no longer think clearly about it all! Can I, in fact, get away with one instance which has knowledge only of one other device?

Forgive my stupidity - this has been a challenge for me - I am no longer young and clear-thinking!

All help gratefully received,


P.S. I think I just persuaded myself I can achieve my goal with one user instance. I’ve no idea what I shall persuade myself tomorrow… :frowning:

What is one user instance?

You connect everyone to everyone, then on each device you share different pairs of folders, one as source, one as offsite backup.

Given nodes A B C and s indicating source b indicating backup shares should look like this: A shares As Cb B shares Bs Ab C shares Cs Bb

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This seems to work perfectly, thank you.

I was suffering from what the old radio men used to call a short between the headphones…

Help greatly appreciated,


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