Multiple devices send to one folder not synched between

Hi, I have 2 phones where I want them to send their photos to my server where they will be backed up. Due to space concerns I DO NOT want Phone A’s contents synced to Phone B, and vice versa, just want both phones to SEND their photos, that is it.

I setup a “Receive Only” folder on the server and shared it with the two phones. Now, the photos are being synced BETWEEN phones which I do not want. I suppose I could set up two different named shares to the same folder and share them to each phone, but assumed there should be a better way.

Syncthing doesn’t have a sharing mode that corresponds to what you want to do. I suggest setting up one folder between phone A and the server, and a different folder with a different folder ID between phone B and the server. Since you don’t want to share things between the phones.

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