Multiple conflicts, same file and same ID


We have some unusual conflicts, for example this AEP file :

We have several conflicts on the same file with the same ID on a few seconds of interval, does someone run into the same issue or have an idea of how it could happen ?

Thank you

A conflict in general is a change made to an older version of a file, without first incorporating the latest version from the rest of the cluster. I guess that device made multiple such changes in a short period of time, each time not having synced the latest version from the cluster first. Perhaps because the file was locked and being edited, or something like that.

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Except here we have no edit on the files because the original file is from one week ago, all files and conflicts have same timestamp and size but the conflicts are from today. So it can’t be multiple edits of the same file today causing the issue because it did not happen.


Check the file signatures to see if the files really are identical.

Something to keep in mind is that file timestamps aren’t absolute. A number of applications can – and do – alter files without updating the modification time.

Which version(s) of Syncthing are you running on the devices that share the problematic folder? Please list all of them.

Everyone is in 1.23.0, I did FC which is windows equivalent of diff and I also checked the MD5 generated by the files, it’s all the same, no diffs

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