Multiple but screen-truncated sync requests on Android

First, I am happy to be dropping Dropbox - which doesn’t work properly on my Linux laptop - for SyncThing. I think the range of platforms SyncThing supports is wonderful. Well done developers!

Now, I am doing a three-way sync between a Windows machine, the aforementioned Linux laptop, and an Android phone running Lollipop. The Windows - Linux bit works fine. It’s the Android bit that’s a problem.

The problem is this. Syncing the other two devices is taking forever - it seems stuck - and this may be connected to the fact that I keep get notifications on the Android phone that seem to be requests to share folders. I say ‘seem’ because the text in the notifications gets truncated (it can’t all fit in the notification rectangle). When I open the notifications, each seems like a request to share folders I have shared already.

Compounding my confusion is that I don’t know how certain basic things work. If I want one of my devices - say, the phone - to sync with the other two (Windows desktop, Linux laptop), how should my settings be? With three devices, multiple folders, ‘introducers’ and what not, I don’t even know how to formulate my question here more specifically. (The question about settings, I mean. My prior question, viz., ‘What is with these notifications?’ still stands!)

I am not sure whether this is a bug.

So if you get notifications for already shared folders, you should raise a bug report on tye android repo.

Regardig configuration, read the docs to understand whats what, and if you still have questions, ask.

Right. Thanks. However: where is ‘the Android repo[sitory]’? The only halfway relevant page I can find is

and that doesn’t look like it is it.

Just created an issue for the truncated notification.

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