MPL license question: Using the Syncthing icon in an Android icon pack?

Hello everybody, can I change Syncthing’s icon slightly and then use it in an icon pack on Android? The Mozilla Public License is quite restrictive concerning icons, AFAIK. Does it allow me to do that? The icon pack, which I have forked and for which I would like to use the icon, is . Of course, the icon pack including the changed icon will be GNU-GPL’ed afterwards.

Thank you in advance for an answer!

You misspelled My Little Pony. AFAIK Mozilla allows everything concerning MLP.

You know that Syncthing is licensed under MPL (didn’t mention that, I thought you knew it). So the inventors of Syncthing’s icon are the ones to tell me, not Mozilla. But anyway, I guess it should be ok. Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Given that the change in question is to make it fit in with the icon pack (monochrome and transparent and so on), yes, do go ahead.

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I have also used the icons from the main repository as a base for the Mac OS X monochrome icons (converted to pdf) ( Because most status bar icons didn’t fit well I had to invert, rescale and rework them a little to have it nicely displayed.