Moving from Resilio, the scan times are much longer

I am moving from Resilio to Syncthing on Unraid and I’m finding the scan times to be long. I have volumes that have:

  • Videos 480p 720p and 1080p files
  • Music Mp3, AAC, ALACs, FLACs, DSD
  • Hi Res Photos
  • Millions of sm files Is there a box I need to check?

Sorry, I am not sure I follow what the question is.

I am not sure how what Resilio does behind the scenes, but we rely on cryptographic hashes for scans, which is CPU intesive, so effectively I’d check for the usual bottlenecks, CPU/RAM/disk throughput.

Plus, syncthing (and most other tools) has non-trivial overhead per file, so having many tiny files will by definition make it slower than it would be for few large files.

As is well known, Resilio is usually more demanding resources. Just as an example. One of my Synology servers is at a location with a 2000 Mbit/s connection. It’s just in the country. I used to run Resilio on all devices, including that Synology. The connection was busy with more than five or six peers. With Syncthing I can now operate 41 peers or folders without any problems.

In my experience, Resilio is always a bit faster than Syncthing. However, I consider that to be relative. In regular dealings, at least for me, this does not have a negative or restrictive effect, the difference is minor. If the first scan has also been completed, the duration of the subsequent scans are not so long.

For a while I even had a mixed operation Syncthing and Resilio, but that was not an advantage for the devices in terms of handling. Therefore, because of the above circumstance, but also because of various other things at Resilio, I completely decided on Syncthing.

Test Syncthing extensively and you will see what benefits it has.

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Thank you, I will do just that. My main server is doing the initial scan. And I have begun to attach some of my spokes to see how it does replacing the resilio syncs

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