moving from bit torrent sync to syncthing

is there a stickied post guide to show noobies info on switching over and things they should take into account?

The getting started guide is bundled in the zip file.

I’m in the process of switching. Mostly, it’s the same way you add/share folders with BTSync. Even my large iTunes directory (31GB) seems to be syncing okay.

The one problem I’ve found is very large directories. I tried was a 342GB directory and it just never finished indexing it even after leaving it running all night. Seemed to stall all my other syncs too.

With BTSync I’m currently syncing a 7.8TB directory. I don’t think large things are going to work well with SyncThing until the indexing gets some attention.

For me the experience was the same as @majorsl, I removed the folders from BT Sync (so that sync conflicts wouldn’t occur - possibly causing a never ending sync loop of a single changed file) or uninstalled BT Sync completely from the machine before starting. Then I used the standard configuration guides to get it set up at both ends.

Once indexed at both ends It should only take a few minutes to determine that all the files are the same at both ends.

I would also recommend removing the .btsync folder at each end or at least adding it to the .stignore file at both ends otherwise everything stored in there (including the BT Sync archive) will start to sync.

If people are interested I will write a “Migrating from BT Sync” walkthrough with step by step instructions.

I found increasing the Rescan Interval to be of help with this.

Knowing how large it was, I set it for 1 day (86400). The other thing I’ve found, at least for OS X users, is over here:

Given that, I’d be further concerned about very large directory files exceeding even what you can set for the max open files in that thread. While I wouldn’t need those big directories to sync on demand, I don’t see a way to exclude any sync set from ionotify. It seems to be all or nothing, but I’ve not looked deeply into this and I could be wrong.

Not familiar with inotify unfortunately. I would possibly say that your best bet is to sync as small a subdirectory as you can. I am going to try and break my stuff down. Currently my largest folder is 126GB and the folder with the most files has 188349 files. I will be looking to break those down where I can.

thank you for all the replies. after reading everything i feel like i am confident enough to do this. i will take the advice given and start with a small directory first. i know it probably comes across as a stupid support questionl but just getting some feed back makes me feel like i can do this as long as im careful. many many thanks.