Moving files in Android

Hi, I need to move a huge amount of already synched files in my external SD card on my Android phone. What is the best way to reconfigure the sync and steps to follow? (this may seem a dumb question, but my experience with moving folders in Syncthing is awful…). Thanks

  1. Remove the folder from Syncthing on Android.
  2. Move the files physically to the new location.
  3. Add the folder in Syncthing again pointing at the new path.

However, because external SD cards have been mentioned, please make sure that Syncthing can actually access the card first, as right now this is only possible either in very old (<4.4) or new (>10) versions of Android (unless you run the app as root).

Thanks, I will follow those steps, I intend to move the files from the


to the main externalSD directory, it seems to work fine that way on Android 12. Just to add - Syncthing does work OK, but if you try to share or open the file from the “nutomic” dir, problems start popping up. It seems there is no problem doing that from the main external SD directory. Weird Android shit… :slightly_frowning_face:

Just one question, the third step, “add again the folder”, from where? In Android? Or share it again from the PC?

The folder has already been shared, so you should be presented with the “Add Folder” pop-up that will allow you to add it again. If you don’t see the pop-up, try to pause and unpause the device in order to trigger a reconnect, or just restart Syncthing on Android.

Thanks, it all worked well. Note to self. A good thing to know is that the “files” dir in Android 12 work up to a certain level. You can’t share pictures from there, for example. Thanks.