Moving a synctrazor folder to a usb fit drive

My laptop is running out of space on its internal ssd. I am wondering 3 things:

  1. Whats a good usb fit drive that is 256GB. I have seen some of the samsung ones, but wondering if thats the best one?

2.How do i move the entire synced folder from my laptop to the usb drive ill purchase? i am using synctrayzor on my windows 10 laptop.

  1. Will using syncthing kill the usb drive since it is writting so much?



  1. No idea.

  2. Most simple and safe way: Make sure that the folder is fully synchronised. Then in Synctrayzor delete the folder. Then delete the files on disk. Then accept the folder share in Synctrayzor and make sure you select the USB stick as Folder Path. Then just let the sync do its job. Reason for being simple and safe: You don’t “play any tricks”.

  3. I don’t expect it to, because the database is not on the USB stick.

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I would suggest getting a USB SSD or perhaps a high endurance SD card in an adapter. Either of these are built to sustain many writes, however the SSD option will be MUCH faster (and more expensive, of course).

Normal USB thumb drives aren’t built for this kind of usage, so they’re also much more likely to fail if you try to use them as if they were internal drives and hammer them with I/O writes.

Personally, I’ve been using SanDisk High Endurance and Samsung Pro Endurance SD cards for this very purpose in two different devices. Both are the largest 256 GB options, and I do sync a lot of data on them. The Samsung one I’ve had for around ~1 year, and the SanDisk one has been going strong for ~3 years.

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ill try the sd cards. I would use the usb drive, but on the train, i have very little space so the more compact the better.

thanks for this information

This is what I use with Syncthing: It’s REALLY FAST and inexpensive.

It’s very small and light and will work well during your commute:

Samsung SSD from Amazon.

This one from Sandisk is built for commuters. It has a connector to put it on your key ring.

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i went ahead and purchased the san-disk high endurance 256GB card with the adaptor so it will fit in my laptop. It was on sale so i purchased it.

If this doesnt work, ill find a small usb SSD that is meant for travel. i just dont like the bulk so i am ok with a little bit slower since most of my documents are STL files for 3d printing as well as docs, photos and powerpoints haha.

i use free file sync for backing up to an ssh drive at my parents house :slight_smile:

thank you for the links. i got the samsung one and will be using that as my backup drive.

synchthing to high endurance sd card backup to the samsung drive

this is best of both worlds and keeps me portable and less bulk :slight_smile:

I also use free file sync to back up via ssh to a drive at my parents place. makes it a little simpler. FFS allows me to compare files on both ends and only transfer the files that have been touched by anything so its fast since its not a direct copy and paste.

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You’ll really like the Samsung. I liked mine so much I bought another one and I keep them in sync with each other so one is the backup for the other.

Actually, I keep them in sync with free file sync.

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FFS is great such a great tool to have.

So far i like teh drive. Now im just waiting for the HE sd card to get here.

Just make sure to re-format it to NTFS instead of the default exFAT, as the former is less prone to corruption (e.g. if you unplug the adapter while still writing data to the card). SD cards usually come pre-formatted to exFAT for cross-platform compatibility, but you’re going to use this with SyncTrayzor on Windows, so a filesystem like exFAT isn’t necessary.


excellent. thank you:)

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