moving a directory => out of sync

I have two macs using syncthing and they are getting out of sync and require manual intervention.

On mac #1, I create a directory with a bunch of files in it On mac @2, I move this directory somewhere else (but still in the synced directory) and rename it When I go back on mac #1, it is out of sync. The failed item is the directory that was moved in its original location. The error message is “Directory not empty”

The only file left is the hidden .DS_store

On mac #1, I do use a .stignore which includes:

// OS-generated files (OS X) .DS_Store

What is the proper way to handle this?


Read the docs and annotations in the ignore dialog.

Short answer is: you need to add (?d) making it (?d).DS_Store

Thanks @maelcum for your post Useful .stignore Patterns

and the relevant information from the RTFM:

A pattern beginning with a (?d) prefix enables removal of these files if they are preventing directory deletion. This prefix should be used by any OS generated files which you are happy to be removed.

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