Move SyncThing to new server

I have syncthing version V1.27.3 running on a Windows Server 2012 R2. I need to move it to a new Server running Windows 11 Home. I have installed syncthing version V1.27.3 on the new machine. Are there some config files that I can copy across so that the new syncthing thinks its the old one. I have done this multiple times on Raspberry Pi but never on windows. There are hundreds of folders with various send and receive options set, so I can’t start modifying those. Thanks, Pete

Obviously I will have already copied the folders containing the data across to the new machine with exactly the same path,

For the configuration path, please check If you’ve copied all the files and the paths are exactly the same, then you theoretically should be able to reuse the whole Syncthing home folder, including the database, however if you haven’t done that before, I’d advise to be cautious.

At the very least you should have a full backup of your files, and I’d also suggest to pause all remote devices in Syncthing before moving the config, so that it doesn’t reconnect immediately on start on the new machine, meaning that you should have an opportunity to verify whether everything has been moved successfully first.

Thanks Tomasz,

I was confident that this would be the case, I think I’ll do some testing by transferring from another Windows PC, so that I’m not experimenting with my precious live data on the original server.

Thanks, Pete

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