Move deleted files from source to a recycle bin folder in destination

Hi guys I’m new in this Syncthing world so I’m sorry if I can’t immediately understand what you say. My hardware is a TrueNAS server (source) and a synology nas (destination). Actually, I’m using rsync but I’d like to move deleted files from the source server to a recycle bin folder in the destination server. Is it possible with Syncthing? Thanks

Please check

The solution will vary depending on what you mean by a recycle bin folder. If it is just a normal folder, then you may be able to simply set the versioning path to it, and call it a day. If it is something more like the Recycle Bin in Windows, then you may need to use a custom script with the External Versioning to send the files there.

It’s simply another folder for example called “deleted” where every deleted file from the source server go. So, you recommend me to use versioning, right? Thanks

That is right. Just pick a versioning type that you like, and then change the default versioning path to your folder of choice. I would suggest to test this with a temporary folder beforehand though.

Perfect thanks, I’ll try today.

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